Equipping Youth to reach their friends where they are.

Equipping youth to be 1Hunnid percent Soul’d out to the great commission.

Helping Youth Leaders to equip their youth to evangelise.


Ready to join the movement?

Register your Alpha or get in touch so we can journey with you, walking alongside young people in this country to give it a hunnid!
Keep reading for more on the potential of Alpha for teens.

What is the result of using Alpha for Teens?

Teenagers find a space to share their opinions openly without being judged.

They find a safe and open space to get to know the Christian faith in a dynamic and attractive way.

Churches around the world are empowered by sharing the gospel and adding teens to their groups.

We are all in. Giving it our all. Not some of us but all of us.
Imagine if this was a reality how different would our world be?

What are the ingredients in Alpha 100


Alpha sessions should foster a relaxed atmosphere for connection and friendship. Whether in-person or virtually, eating together creates space to share your life on a deeper level.


Alpha Talks are designed to motivate teens to have a conversation. They will explore life’s big questions and discover the basics of Christianity, with questions like “Who is Jesus?” and “Why and how should I pray?”


During small-group discussion time, it is important that teens are able to show up authentically, with no judgement or censorship, and openly share their thoughts in an honest and safe environment.


At Alpha, fun is key! We aim to create a space where teens feel free to just be. We recommend incorporating games and icebreakers to make your Alpha more relaxed – We’ll provide a series of guides to assist you.


We want to help you empower young people in this country to give it a hunnid! Get started or get in touch – we are excited to journey with you.

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