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Why does Alpha need your support?

Alpha is always offered for FREE so that nobody is excluded from hearing the good news of Jesus. To do this we rely fully on the generosity of donors.

Alpha South Africa has its own local infra-structure, staff and costs. Whilst being partly supported by generous donors around the world, there is a gap that needs to be met through local fundraising. Can you help us?

By committing to regular support, you enable us to equip churches around the country to run Alpha for free and give more people the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus.

Become a Friend of Alpha by pledging a monthly donation. Every gift makes a difference. Any amount is welcome.

Become a Friend of Alpha and donate monthly

All major credit cards are accepted.

What will my gift go towards?

100% of your donation will support Alpha South Africa. Your generosity will help us provide excellent resources for churches to create life-changing experiences and spread the message of Jesus across our local South African communities.


It’s easy.

Your donation is automatically paid from your credit or debit card account each month – no diarising or manual intervention necessary. It can be increased, decreased or suspended at any time.  

It’s safe.

PayFast is our payment portal which is developed with the same demands on security as websites used for banking services. All money transactions are secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology with high security 256 bit encryption.   

You’re connected.

As a Friend of Alpha you will receive our regular Friends of Alpha Newsletter, to highlight what we are accomplishing together.  

Your gift makes a difference! 

Alpha is given away for free because we believe the church can be the catalyst for change and we want to remove the barriers to that being possible. Church leaders across South Africa can access Alpha’s talks and training resources online, equipping them to run Alpha effectively. When this happens, the church provides more opportunities for people to encounter Jesus. 

Alpha is entirely funded by donations from people who are passionate about evangelism. To see lives transformed by the gospel, please consider donating monthly and become a Friend of Alpha.

Listen to a message from Luxolo Kentane,
National Director, Alpha South Africa
Group of friends doing Alpha

A Friend of Alpha says:

“Alpha is such an exciting adventure for anyone who has ever wondered “what if I am not the accidental collision of a few million atoms?” I’ve seen it start so often with a thousand questions and, …over 10 weeks, become a relationship where none of these matter anymore! Seeing lives transformed is why I love Alpha and regularly support the organisation financially.” 

Deane, Friend of Alpha

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